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Gamla Stan Free Guide!

Gamla Stans Guide App - For curious kids & brave grown-ups




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Our Old Town guide is completely free to download and use!
You download the "Gamla Stans Guide App" directly from the App Store or Google Play.

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Download Gamla Stans Guide App for free on App Store!
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Your personal guide to Gamla Stan, Stockholm!

In the app you will find useful information and tips for you as a visitor to the Old Town. Get to know Gamla Stan as a local and unlock the secrets to a great visit! 
Our Gamla Stan Guide App gives you useful and exciting tips for all ages.
Explore and discover your personal favorites! In our app you'll also find our very popular dramatized historical audio tour! Learn about the history of the Old Town in a modern, thrilling and fun way!

Everything we suggest, we have visited, tested and tested again and are our personal recommendations. To use our app you need a iOS or Android mobile phone or tablet.

Gamla Stans Guide App - Our Guides In The Middle Ages, Callux and Aurora

Under the GUIDES tab you will find:

Our very popular Gamla Stan Audio Tour! The historic city walk takes you back in the history of the Old Town. Here you get to join an adventurous ghost walk where you meet both kings and the unhappy souls who still wander the dark alleys of the Old Town. What really happened here, several hundred years ago? Now you'll find out the truth behind the myths that are still told with horror ...

You will also get to know about everyday life in medieval Gamla Stan. Did they have toilets in the houses in the past? How did you keep yourself clean? What happened if you got a toothache? In addition, you will learn the very useful trick of how to see how old a house in the Old Town is!
Gamla Stans Guide App - Our Guides in the 18th century
The dramatized ghost walk begins at Kungsträdgården and then guides you further to the Old Town. The self-guided walking tour in and around the Old Town is 2.2 km long and takes approx. 1 1/2 hours. The guide tour has 12 events marked on a GPS map that shows you exactly where you are and how to get to the next stop. The events start automatically as you approach.
You choose when you want to use the Gamla Stan Guide App and its audio tour. If you want to take a break, just press the stop button. For the best experience, everyone should download their own guide and you use your own headphones during the audio tour.

When the audio tour ends, you can test how much you remember! Compete against yourself, friends or parents in our fun, historic QUIZ! Who comes closest to a full score? Of course, you have to get a reward after going on the guided tour and using our quiz - a specially designed prize is waiting for everyone who answers all the questions!
Gamla Stans Guide App - Fun and engaging for the whole family!

Under the FOOD tab you will find:

Cozy cafes and delicious restaurants in various price ranges. Or are you more curious about the best ice cream (with options for those of you who are vegan or lactose intolerant)? Want to find a really good bakery with its own specialty? Maybe the kids are craving really good bubble waffles? We will guide you to the best (secret) places!
Find your way in Gamla Stan with our free, Old Town Stockholm guide!

Under the DISCOVER tab you will find:

Explore Gamla stan with our free guide app - Gamla Stans Guide App!
Fun, unique shops for both children and grown-ups! Shops you can only find if you know where they are in the Old Town. Everything from toys, vintage comic books and a candy factory to special bookstores, artists and genuine Swedish crafts.
We have also listed interesting museums that are related to the historical audio tour. We'll serve you with the complete info and direct links so you can easily find the way when you are on site.

Under the tab PRACTICAL you will find:

In your audio guide you will also find all the other information you may need as a visitor to the Old Town. Always up-to-date info about local traffic, weather, toilets, nursing rooms & emergency numbers, all with direct links!


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Free Gamla Stan Guide & Self-Guided Walking Tour 

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